Pro ZBV Spring Bar Tool










$31.75 plus shipping

Top quality precision made

tool for Watches and Buckles with

Drilled Lugs!

I make these in my shop from  high grade

parts like aluminum, stainless steel and

high strength steel. Please see my youtube

video also:

Update: See below link for a longer independent review by Mike who is a 

watch professional from Scotland.

Quickly and easily remove watch bands and buckles on watches and buckles with drilled lugs like Rolex Explorer 2. Aluminum frame, stainless steel nuts and screws, spring steel spring, and nickel plated steel pins.

This is the Pro version with replaceable pins recommended for people
who change straps and buckles frequently. Tool is fully adjustable for different widths of lugs on watches and buckles. See video link above.

Replacement pins are available also in my zbestvalue Store. This version is the same as the regular tool in the video above and works exactly the same. Note that these pins are made from strong nickel plated steel and will withstand abuse with normal use. Pin tips are also rounded to help prevent scratching your watch and buckles.

Tool Yeager Pro ZBV Spring Bar Tool
Size 7in x 2in Frame - Pins are 0.80mm diameter


Go to the link below and then click on +Follow as in the image above.


Three nuts at base are kept slightly loose to allow pivot

and free movement.


Note rounded pin tip.

1/16 inch hex head screw heads. 1/16 inch small hex tool included in auction.

Holes are fully threaded 4-40 standard.

Pins are shown removed from tool.

Tool comes with 2 pins installed. Extra pins are available in my eBay Store.

UPDATE: Mike in his review above made a good comment as to an improvement in the design. The idea is to round the interior of the tips of the tool to increase usability and provide more clearance. Note that if you want this done to your tool I can do this for no extra charge.


Note: Watch, Band and Ruler are used for demonstration purposes only and are not part of auction.

Tool shipped to most locations in the USA in cardboard box in a bubble envelope using USPS First Class Mail to save you money on shipping. You may also request Priority Mail at extra cost.



 Thanks for looking!