Yeager Horizontal Perch






zbestvalue Horizontal Perch

In nature bluebirds evolved to have more aggressive footholds in and on tree trunks. Providing horizontal perches makes access out of a man-made box much easier. These are made with sharp exterior wood screws that you can install without drilling if the birds are already in the box. Quick, easy and effective. Note that these perches are plain uncoated and unpainted to provide the best footing for your birds. Also note that these are not recommended for the outside of your boxes. However these work great as interior perches in all locations. My bluebirds love these and use them all the time. Installed inside the box this perch allows the female bird to sit comfortably further inside the box and still peer out for dangers. Sitting in the hole itself means the bird is farther out in the nest box hole and more vulnerable. Also of course the inner perch allows easy access for the chicks to  fledge. Lastly the perch allows the parents to hang on and reach down to inspect and feed the babies.

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 When feeding the young the parents can reach down further into the box without landing on the nest. This is especially useful if you have a full box of mature fledglings. It also gives the female a comfortable perch inside where she can still peer outside for long periods of time. Lastly of course the inner perch gives the chicks easy access to the hole when they are ready to fledge.

Note: It states that the horizontal dowel is 1/4 inch. I have upgraded this kit to 3/8 inch since it is stronger and better.