Kingston Baffle Improvements

Radiator Hose Clamp

The first improvement is to install a radiator hose clamp below the bracket to keep the bracket from sliding down.

Ron recommends tape but tape can degrade and peel off. The radiator hose clamp is a permanent solution.

Close up of bracket assembly.


Foam Pipe Insulation on Bracket

 Improvement #2 is to install foam pipe insulation on the bracket to prevent the baffle from squeaking in the wind. I noticed the problem since I have video cameras in my nest boxes and without foam insulation the nest box acts like a musical instrument and amplifies the loud grating sounds of the baffle rubbing against the bracket assembly. Your birds will be much happier without all this constant noise.

The foam insulation is wrapped around the bracket ends and muffles the noise when the wind blows. Plastic wire ties secure the foam in place.

Bowed hardware cloth insert


 The bowed hardware cloth insert is a minor improvement since
when installed with the bow facing down the baffle is
more free to move and be wobbly.

Simply cut the hardware cloth slightly larger than necessary and push in the center to create shape as seen above.

Basic assembly of baffle is the same as in other directions.