Jet Black Jade Gem!




Very hard metamorphic cousin to nephrite black jade. Same composition, refractive index and polishing requirements but blacker and more opaque than the slightly more crystalline igneous nephrite. In my opinion this top quality material is blacker than the other new jades on the market including material from Arizona and Australia. May contain tiny gold specks of pyrite which look like stars in a midnight sky.

Back of gem is polished.


Gemstone Black Jade Actinolite
Size 24mm x 11mm x 7.5mm high
Origin California
Treatments None
Hardness Mohs 7


Back of gem.




Cutting and Polishing

All stones are cut by me using highest quality diamond equipment. Backs of stones are left with 600 grit finish for your easy setting. Backs will be polished at clients request at no extra charge.

Camera and Lighting

All photos taken with Canon G3 camera using industry standard SoLux lighting which gives best color accuracy and is closest to full spectrum sunlight as possible.

Payment and Shipping

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Return Policy

If you are dissatisfied for any reason please contact us within 7 days of receiving item. We will arrange for a full refund of your purchase price. All returns must be in original condition. We are unable to refund or replace items lost or damaged in shipping. Please purchase insurance if this is a concern.

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